“The Power Hour” 106.3FM Radio Archives

Date: 7/3/11 Topic: Do Black Men Read Enough? Special Guest: Poet & Author George Davis Jr. Date: 6/26/11 Topic: How Black Men Communicate Date: 6/19/11 Topic: Fathers Day Show/A Tribute to Dads Date: 6/12/11 Topic: Youth Violence/Save Our Youth Part II Date: 6/5/11 Topic: Youth Violence/Save our Youth Date: 5/29/11 Topic: Remembering Our Veterans Date: 5/22/11 Topic: Vasectomies and Prostate Issues Special Guest: Dr. Adam Murphy Date: 5/15/11 Topic: Black Males in Media Special Guest: Tom Burrell of Burrell Communications Group Date: 5/8/11 Topic: Mothers Day Show: How Women keep Men Healthy Date: 4/10/11 Topic: Health and Hollywood. What is it like being black in Hollywood? Special Guest: Common